Bryan Saner is an interdisciplinary art practitioner focusing on the creation of performances, activist art events, neighborhood evolution and appropriately designed objects. He teaches workshops, mentors and lectures locally, nationally and internationally on the subject of performance, the body, neighborhood design, movement and collaboration. He is currently an adjunct professor, mentor and advisor in the Interdisciplinary Arts graduate program at Columbia College Chicago.

From 1995 to 2009 Bryan worked as a performing artist with the recently retired Goat Island Performance Group. During this time, the company toured internationally, performing at venues including the Venice Biennale, Bristol’s Arnolfini Theatre, the Eurokaz festival in Zagreb and the New Territories Festival, Glasgow. He recently worked with the creative collective project Watch Tower, and is currently performing with Every House Has a Door and dancing with Erica Mott.

Teresa Pankratz is an interdisciplinary book and paper artist living and working in Chicago. She uses the mediums of printmaking, bookbinding, sculpture, writing and performance to tell stories. Her tales of desire, loss and transformation find their physical form as artists’ books, narrative sculpture and installations.

Teresa has been exhibiting since 1988. Venues have included the Ryerson Library of the Art Institute of Chicago, the New York Center for Book Arts, the Chicago Cultural Center, the James R. Thompson Center’s Illinois Art Gallery and the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. Her artists’ books are part of special collection libraries throughout the United States.

Teresa is also a free-lance illustrator and sole proprietor of Theodora Press, a publisher of handmade, original limited edition artists’ books. She is represented by Vamp & Tramp Booksellers, LLC.