James Jankowiak attributes much of his success to the discovery of graffiti, which he picked up in 1985 at the age of 15. Since then, both he and his work have transformed, as he's taken on new titles such as installation artist, activist, and educator. His paintings and installations are intricate works which display a distinct spatial perspective, as he focuses on geometric forms and the negative organic space surrounding, incorporating a keen attention to color, texture, and light. The pleasant, radial symmetry of Jankowiak’s work promotes internal reflection and self-realization due to the consuming and transcendent patterns of each piece. Jankowiak regularly incorporates circles and repetitive patterns into his work, finding meaning behind the broken-down nature of practicing simple gesture painting. While aesthetically similar, his circle paintings are a notable extension from the rest of his work, employing iconic shapes to create a trellis. In addition to his work as an artist, Jankowiak is committed to teaching. He has been dedicated to teaching art with the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago since 2003 and continues to teach throughout the city of Chicago with several non-for-profits in order to bring contemporary practice to young artists.