Lou Mallozzi is an interdisciplinary artist whose work examines relationships between presentation, representation, knowledge, and site, taking the form of installations, performances, fixed media works, improvised music, and drawings. During his more than three decades of interdisciplinary arts practice, he has performed, exhibited, and broadcast in a number of venues in the US and Europe, including the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, The Renaissance Society, Randolph Street Gallery Chicago, Ausland Berlin, TUBE Audio Art Series Munich, Bayersicher Rundfunk Munich, New American Radio, Experimental Intermedia New York, Radiorevolten Festival Halle, Constellation Chicago, and many others. In his role as director of Experimental Sound Studio from 1986-2016, Mallozzi coordinated, co-organized, and curated scores of performances, exhibitions, broadcasts, festivals and commissions, presenting the work of over 400 artists to audiences throughout Chicago. Mallozzi is Assistant Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator in the Sound Department of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Installation for Infinite Games

Spot (2017)

A telescope inside the fourth-floor apartment at OHC is trained on a distant rooftop. There, visible only through the telescope, is a construction made from discarded CPS furniture. The piece offers a view separated by distance but collapsed by optics, focused on a tiny point in the complex urban cityscape.