Lessons, Notes, Sketches, Scribbles CPS Table top, slate. Eraser made of CPS Felt and desk metal. 42” x 42” x 1-1/4"(top left image)

Baggage: “I Can't Go. I Won't Stay” 2 suitcases made from CPS desk steel and felt. Each 22" x 18" x 8". 2 luggage stands-mdi from CPS desk steel and felt. Each- 24” x16” x18"

Peter Fleps is a cross-disciplinary artist who lives and works in Chicago. His practice is often significantly process dependent and has incorporated skills and media ranging from woodworking to digital and photo-based projects. (www.flepsart.net)

He is the founder and director of Wedge Projects in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago. (www.wedgeprojects.net)


August 22, 2017

My practice might be broadly characterized by a resolute though, I hope, not inflexible predilection for speculative, investigative and contemplative engagements and processes. Further I am inclined to understand these processes as significantly reliant on and generative of connected, inter-relational, coincidentally arising insights into an immeasurable, yet conditionally and certainly influential, omnipresent common (human) reality.

Thus, my practice assumes and embraces broad boundaries. I mostly find myself seeking destinations and circumstances (contextually and conceptually) where borders seem uncertain, provenance murky, originality suspect, beginnings and ends less critical. Here, perhaps, categorical divisions, ideological certitude, and direct causalities cede some authority when (if) one can comprehend any individual self as being simultaneously but not antagonistically, sovereign as well as borderless.